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Let’s Get Personal: Customer Experience Management

The esteemed Connecticut-based international research firm, Gartner defines Customer Experience Management (CEM) as, “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.”


The Content Marketing Strategy Imperative

Carrying out content marketing endeavors without a strategy is a haphazard approach, like a ship setting sail without a rudder. The fact that content marketing produces three times as many leads as traditional marketing at a cost that’s over 60 percent less expensive, should strongly reinforce how a content marketing strategy is imperative.

why companies must be market-driven

Why Companies Must Be Market-Driven

So many companies maintain an antiquated mentality and are still driven purely by sales, instead of changing their focus. It’s baffling why sales driven companies remain as such, and maintain their short-term approach when they could be steadily transitioning their organization’s culture into one that embraces being market driven.

team rowing in unison

Aligning Sales and Marketing

There’s so much talk about aligning sales and marketing, and all the challenges that coincide with this seemingly insurmountable endeavor.  Frankly, as a long-time Chief Marketing Officer, I’ve never had issues keeping sales and marketing aligned.  Although, there have been individuals who have tried to buck the system over the years. Here’s a quick story … Continued