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The Content Marketing Strategy Imperative

Carrying out content marketing endeavors without a strategy is a haphazard approach, like a ship setting sail without a rudder. The fact that content marketing produces three times as many leads as traditional marketing at a cost that’s over 60 percent less expensive, should strongly reinforce how a content marketing strategy is imperative.

why companies must be market-driven

Why Companies Must Be Market-Driven

So many companies maintain an antiquated mentality and are still driven purely by sales, instead of changing their focus. It’s baffling why sales driven companies remain as such, and maintain their short-term approach when they could be steadily transitioning their organization’s culture into one that embraces being market driven.

The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

For the Record: The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

Over the last few decades while consulting as a business and marketing strategist and working with business owners, CEOs, corporate board members, and executives, I’ve frequently witnessed the difficulty executives have understanding the difference between strategy and tactics. More often than not it seems business people think they have a strategy rather than actually having … Continued

remote work is a team sport

Remote Organization Transformation is a Team Sport

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a structural shift in the way we work and many organizations performed a ‘lift and shift’ of their local operations to a remote environment during 2020. Remote work is here to stay, which creates an opportunity to completely rethink the way we collaborate and reap big benefits. To avoid siloed and … Continued