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Time is Money

So frequently, when it comes to filling a position left open by an executive’s departure from an organization, the less expensive internal solution turns out to be the most expensive one – the inherent learning curve is detrimental to sustainable performance.

servant leadership

Servant Leadership: Leading by Taking Care of the Workforce

Individual leadership is “influencing people — by providing purpose, direction, and motivation — while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.” [1]  Effective leadership equates to effective team building. [2]  An organization working together as one team is in-step and striving effectively toward commonly held goals.  Therefore, the leadership’s ability to accomplish more … Continued

team rowing in unison

Aligning Sales and Marketing

There’s so much talk about aligning sales and marketing, and all the challenges that coincide with this seemingly insurmountable endeavor.  Frankly, as a long-time Chief Marketing Officer, I’ve never had issues keeping sales and marketing aligned.  Although, there have been individuals who have tried to buck the system over the years. Here’s a quick story … Continued

Failure is feedback

Thriving Through the Frustration

What do I do when I have done my best, and the results are still not evident? There is a powerful presupposition of unconscious mind conditioning (Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP) that states that there is no failure, only feedback. We all can retain all of our learnings from our experiences as we enact and become … Continued